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  1. Hello. I was thinking the other day how much our two boys (now 16 and 17) enjoyed your music and videos, so I ventured down into our basement and dug out the VHS and music tapes for our young daughter. She, Dakota, was asking all about them as I told her to have a seat, but first make some room to dance! Lo and behold, she loved it and hasn’t looked back since. Your work in this field is VERY appreciated, and I do hope all is well with you and your families. May God bless you in all that you do.
    Your Fan,

  2. I was very pleased to find out you are still out there. My son, now 15, loved your music and videos as Jim said I to pulled out the video for my 3 year old daughter and she loves them as much as my son did!

  3. I was glad to hear from you this week and went on line to see if you are coming to town soon.
    Kathy will be 25 this year and still listens and watches your video. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  4. Our family has loved your music for the past 17-18 years. We met you several times. The last time was at Macy’s in Mays Landing about 15 years ago. My husband and I are going to France, sans children, in May, and will be taking a couple of your CD’s to our young cousins. Hope to turn them on to your music as well. As always be well. Jackie

  5. Hurray! I can’t believe you’re still making CDs and having concerts. I’m 25, and I had a vague memory of a music video I used to watch as a child about Polka Dots, Checks, and Stripes. I looked it up online, and now my kids listen to your music all the time. The first intelligible thing my son ever sang was “Turn around and clap, clap.”
    Too bad you aren’t doing any concerts in northern Illinois.
    I’m thrilled by the quality and enjoyability of your music, especially as a parent. There’s only so much “Wiggles” I can take, but I can listen to you over and over and over (and often do).

  6. I took my three children to your concerts many times in Michigan when they were young. We played your videos and tapes constantly and to this day, we love them all. I now have a young grandaughter and do not have the ability to play videos. Any chance your old videos can be DVDs? I would love to have the first Gymbo DVD and anything with all of you.

  7. I’m so happy you guys are still together! My older daughter, Alex-21, loved you and was able to see you in person, many moons ago. We took out your tapes…musical & VHS for her little sis, Ariana-9 and she was wondering if you were still around. Sometimes, when I get the results I want, I LOVE THE COMPUTER and PARACHUTE EXPRESS!

  8. My oldest daughter is 30 now and my youngest 15. We love your music and videos so much. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

  9. Fortunately, I discovered you through Gymboree when my daughter was 2 1/2, and she and and I enjoyed hundreds of hours singing along with your recordings. Although she’s now eleven, and as a ‘tween wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Parachute Express, I can’t wait until she sprouts kids of her own and asks me to pull out your CDs and DVDs to share with them herself. And I won’t have to search for long, because I haven’t packed your materials away since grandnieces and grandnephews are starting to come along and when they visit here, I’ll share your music with them and relish the joy on their faces and in their voices. Your heart-centered music is very, very special and I wish you the huge prosperity and fulfillmentyou deserve. Keep on keeping on!

  10. I’m so excited to see you all are still around! Me and my sister grew up listening to and singing along with your songs. Now that I’m 23 and have a 4 year old daughter of my own I can’t wait to share your music with her! I’m always singing my favorites to her and now she can listen to the real thing. I’m so glad you’re still out there selling your music so it can be passed down through the generations. Thanks for the awesome memories!!! Keep on rockin’!!!

    • Dear Susan, Wanted to reply to this for we think your wonderful post might have been overlooked. Thanks so much for writing and letting us know about sharing our music with your four year old daughter! Hope you were able to order our CDs on the website….check it out. We recently re-designed it! All the best to you and your family and we plan to definitely keep on rockin’!!!!

  11. I can’t believe I just discovered your music through watching the toddler’s music station on my cable television. I have a 13-mo. grandson, and he & I love your music. Are you coming to Florida this winter?

    • Dear Nancy, Not sure if your post was ever replied to so we wanted to send you this message. So glad you love our music! We love hearing from fans…Check out our new website at for more info and pictures of the group. Hope your grandson is enjoying the music, too!

  12. I just wanted to say that when my now 20-yr old daughter was 2, she insisted on wearing nothing but polkadots, and when Polkadots Checks and Stripes was discovered, she was in heaven, to say the least! Your music is phenomenal and I miss those days. Good luck with touring, and please update your FB page! It’s like you went to China and never returned..

    • Dear Teresa, Thank you for this post and for letting us know about being a fan of the group. Hard to believe it was in 1985 when our first album came out. So happy to hear you enjoyed the music back then. We have been busy redoing our website so check it out at for pictures and more info about the group. Best of everything to you.

  13. Our family took a walk down memory…we were talking about seeing you in concert several times in Southeastern Michigan and loving you all so much! Had to hunt down the song “High-5-ious” to hear it again! My boys are now 16 and almost 13 and remember and loved your shows soooo much! thank you for making such memorable songs and for still being out there!

    • Lisa, thanks so much for this post and for writing to us! So happy to hear that you still think of us even though your boys are older now. Check out our new website at and definitely stay in touch! Maybe some day your boys will make babies and want Parachute Express CDs for them too!!!!

  14. You were one of my favorite groups when I was a young child. I watched your live video almost daily. I am excited to get to share your music with my own child. I was, however, wondering if you are still performing. I saw you have a show coming up in August. I was wondering of there was any way you would be interested in performing on an Army post here in California. The children here on Fort Irwin love musical groups that come and perform and I know they would love you!

    • Yes, we would love to know more about performing at the Army Post. Once we performed at Camp Pendleton and had a blast. Feel free
      to contact our office at Where is Fort Irwin?

  15. Adam is in a wheelchair, unable to speak and severely involved. Throughout most of his life he has been to your concerts, and we own every cd, dvd and vhs tapes in multiples. Adam signs that he wants to tell me something. After a thousand questions that he can shake his head yes or no to, I finally got the yes! He wants to see his friends from parachute express. I told him I would go online and see if I could find you. To my surprise, you have an upcoming event in Pasadena on August 17th. I told Adam the news. He has been smiling and laughing uncontrollably . For a child with such great limitations. I want to thank you for bringing joy to this little boys heart daily for most of his 22 years.

    • Thank you so much for letting us know about Adam. Let Adam know it brings US joy to know he wants to come see us and considers us his friends.
      We look forward to August…not only because we are performing, but seeing Adam as well! Thank you for communicating.

  16. I am so happy you sent the email. I am thrilled to see that you are still performing. I have such happy memories of Gymboree and Parachute Express concerts and videos in the 80′s. Ben is a very busy actor in Seattle where he stayed after graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in 2008. I am so happy that he makes a living doing what he loves, just as you have all these years.
    Laura Burris

    • Thank you, Laura, and for writing in our guestbook! Cool news about Ben, too. Stephen’s son is an actor studying at California Institute of The Arts.
      We hope Ben will be blessed with a long and fruitful career as we have! Stay in touch and promise to turn the grandchildren onto us (when they are here!).
      Best wishes, Stephen, Janice and Donny

  17. Donnie,
    Loved you guys back in 1984. Even better today!!!! Used you in all my Gymboree classes here in Pittsburgh. My granddaughter LOVES the up and down song. Listen to it every time she’s in the car, We will always Love Parachute Express.

    Former Gymboree owner

  18. We will never be too old for Parachute Express! Thanks for sharing your new website, hope to see you in concert soon!

  19. I just wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful journey. My journey started with you guys, unbeknown t you when I was studying to be an early childhood educator in 1989. I stumbled upon one of your tapes, yes this was before CD’s. I used your music for movement and movement in my preschool classroom. That journey continued, as it does today, with the children in my child care center. The journey also became personal when my daughter was born in 1998. She grew up LOVING your music. She often referred to you as her “guys”. When you came to the North Shore Music Center in Massachusetts I always brought my daughter and then one year brought my preschoolers and my daughter and it was a magical experience. The children LOVED the show and meeting you after the show. Your meet and greet photos live on in Christina’s scrapbooks and on the frame at the East Boston Y children’s center. Thank you for the love of music you foster in children. Even though I am now the child care director my collection of CD’s still float through our classrooms where music remains alive. Thank you seems not enough, but those two words encompass so much gratitude for a love of learning.

  20. Hi Janice, Donny, and Steven! I just wanted to express my gratitude towards all of you. I was first introduced to your music at the age of 2, when my grandma purchased me a gymbo doll and your cd for my 2nd birthday. The craze and obsession started there! I own every single cd, dvd, vhs, etc. that you have ever made! I am now almost 19, and I admit, I still listen to your over easy cd every night before bed. Your music brings me back to my childhood and it means so much to me. When I was 3 I saw you in concert, and I got my picture taken with you three. I still have that picture today, and it is framed in my college dorm room with the ticket and my outfit I wore in the frame. Writing this now I am sobbing because I still remember sitting on the couch with my mom and we would sing along to your videos. I also play the flute, and I was first chair all four years of high school. Now in college I am minoring in music performance and double majoring in nursing and child development. I also have been teaching myself piano for the past 6 months. I know for a fact that when I have children that they will listen to your music and I will pas the love and caring that your music exudes to future generations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Deva Gibson

  21. I would really like to purchase a few of your CD’s for my classroom but I do not like putting my credit card info on the internet. Is there any other way to do it?

  22. Hey Parachute Express!

    I just wanted to write to you guys and tell you that growing up, you were my absolute favorite thing to dance around to. I think polka-dots, checks and stripes is still one of my favorite songs. Sue and I had similar fashion tastes as children. Now, I’m 24 and an actress starting out in New York City, and so, to support that career, I work with kids. I love sharing your music with them! Also, fun fact, I for my 6th birthday (i think), you guys did a show in MA, and my mom took my best friend and I. I was thrilled, and while cleaning out a closet at home recently, I found that I still had the autographed photo I’d gotten that day and it just made me smile so much.
    Love and Good Thoughts,

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