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What began as a single album of children’s music in 1984 has grown into a full-time business responsible for bringing joy to tens of thousands of children and parents each year.Parachute Express, known throughout the world as one of the premiere entertainers of children between the ages of one and ten years old, has been together for twenty-five years. Their blend of musical styles, engaging stage show and unique chemistry, has allowed DonnyStephen and Janice to shine out in the crowded field of family entertainment.

The group is proud to share with you their 2 newest albums, “Gymbo’s Play and Pretend Favorites” and “It’s a Gymboree Party” which just won the 2008 NAPPA Gold Award (National Association of Parenting Publications of America). Before that, their 10th album, “Don’t Blink” garnered the prestigous Parents Choice Gold Award as well as the NAPPA Gold Award and the Toy of the Year award from Creative Child Magazine. You can also hear Parachute Express sing the theme song of the well known PBS’s animated cartoon, “Jay Jay The Jet Plane” !

If you’ve been to one of their concerts, or have watched one of their videos with your kids, you’ll know how children respond to Parachute Express. The connection is wonderful. You also know how enjoyable their award winning music is for adults as well!

Wherever your musical sensibilities fall, it is guaranteed that Parachute Express will create an unforgettable musical experience for you and your family! For more information or a press kit about Parachute Express, please call 818-548-9246, M-F 10AM-5PM.

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