Can you believe it? Janice first performed on-stage at the age of three. That’s right! Janice, along with her two older sisters, and under the direction of their father, formed the musical trio, “The Hubbard Sisters”.

There’s been no looking back. Janice has studied and performed music ever since. Although she is classically trained, Janice has always performed contemporary music.

Having met Stephen soon after her arrival in Los Angeles, Janice began performing with him almost immediately. When Stephen and Donny discussed forming Parachute Express, Janice was a natural inclusion. Her ability to play a multitude of instruments has added great depth to their style and her harmonies help create the group’s signature sound.

Janice’s creativity doesn’t stop with music. Among other things, Janice is the person responsible for the wild wardrobe the group wears on-stage. Remember this the next time you are looking at your favorite snapshot of the group and are wondering where in the world they got their clothes. It is another one of Janice’s many contributions.

When not traveling with Parachute Express, or creating music, Janice spends her time with her husband, Bill Lindsay, son, Cooper and dogs, Rosie, Buster. Nipsie and Tucker, and cats, Dobson and Chase.

BIRTH PLACE: Glen Cove, New York BIRTHDAY: September 16th FAVORITE COLOR: Red FAVORITE ANIMAL: Cat FAVORITE HOBBY: Cooking BEST TIME OF THE DAY: Morning FAVORITE FOOD: Chocolate BEST TALENT: Singing FAVORITE SEASON: Fall HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE: Performing for Preseident Clinton, meeting and marrying husband, Bill, and Christmas 1995

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