“Parachute Express is a great combination of many things I love: music, acting, and children to name a few,” Stephen says. It is so true.

Stephen was a child actor starring in films, television and commercials and has played music since he was a teen. He now has two sons, Adam and Zachary. Formerly a recording artist on RCA Records, it was Donny who first approached Stephen to discuss children’s music. Stephen, being a new father, was highly interested and it hasn’t waned since.

Although nothing in the world is more special to Stephen then his own children, his love of all children is obvious to anyone who has ever seen a Parachute Express concert. If you’ve ever seen him perform “Who’s Got A Hug?”, you’ll know what a caring individual he is. And if you’ve seen the rest of the show, you’ll know the many other sides of Stephen as well. He is musical, funny, happy and truly enjoys communicating with all those around him.

Supported by the love of his talented wife, Althea, Stephen’s energy for creating music knows no bounds. In those rare moments when Parachute Express does not need him, Stephen produces many other musical projects. It seems that he is always running off to a recording studio, auditioning talent or finishing a mix before a deadline. He has written music and penned the theme song for the popular animated cartoon show, “Jay Jay The Jet Plane” which is performed by…You quessed it, PARACHUTE EXPRESS. One look at Stephen’s notebook and it is obvious how many ideas are percolating in his head. Stephen’s newest claim to fame is that of his musical IT CAME FROM BEYOND, winner of an Ovation Award (Tonys in Los Angeles), and soon to become a film.

Stephen’s dream is to bring music to children all over the world and, if he had his way, to meet each and every one of them.

BIRTH PLACE: Victorville, California BIRTHDAY: June 29th  FAVORITE COLOR: Turquoise FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dolphin FAVORITE HOBBY: Playing guitar, basketball and golf FAVORITE FOOD: Tacos BEST TALENT: Making friends and writing songs FAVORITE SEASON: Fall HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE: Watching his children being born, having Ringo Starr personally wish him a “Happy Birthday”, sharing the stage with President Clinton

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