You may already know that Donny is the wackiest member of Parachute Express . Did you also know that Donny has worked closely with children ever since his college days?

While studying Child Development at UC-Santa Cruz, Donny found what was to become his life’s work. It wasn’t long after graduating that Donny, along with his wonderful wife Adrian, founded one of the original Gymboree Play Program sites. His program grew to include several more sites and has won more awards than can fit on a wall.

Donny’s desire to create a musical base for his programs is what led to the creation of Parachute Express. As he explains it, “Stephen was my neighbor at the time. One day, while we were taking out the trash, we started talking. I knew Stephen was a musician and I told him about my dreams. One thing led to another and we recorded ‘Shakin It’, the first Parachute Express album.” Many albums later, they are still plugging away.

Despite all of his involvement with Parachute Express and Gymboree, Donny has always found the time for his favorite job, “Dad.” He is especially proud of his two children, Rachel and Joey. And he should be!

BIRTH PLACE: Los Angeles, California BIRTHDAY: February 27th FAVORITE COLOR: Blue FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dog FAVORITE HOBBY: Playing outdoors BEST TIME OF THE DAY: Morning FAVORITE FOOD: Chocolate with raspberries BEST TALENT: Giving hugs FAVORITE SEASON: Spring HIGHLIGHTS IN LIFE: Seeing his children born, performing with Parachute Express

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